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What Are Included in our initial credit audit & individualized credit coaching ?

As a non-profit organization,our purpose is to promote the national agenda for financially 

responsible behavior through the means of building “Strong Credit”.

We want to make sure that the credit bureaus are reporting 100% accurate information. You don’t have to have someone else’s name or address on your credit report. THis can cause a credit merge and a possibility of their items jumping onto your credit report .We work to remove the following:

Credit Education & Monitoring

Personal Information -FREE

Pay Nothing until after an item has been deleted from your credit report !

Pay-Per-Deletion Per Credit Agency

Client will only be charged after items notated have been successfully removed from client’s credit file. Deletions can be confirmed through; dispute results sent to client via mail from credit reporting agencies, and correction or deletions as viewed through a third-party credit monitoring service. These fees are due and payable for each time that is removed from each credit bureau. The following is the schedule of fees for all services, fees are only collected after the work associated with said fee has been performed:

Why Choose Us?

Only pay for perfomance ! We are consumer credit advocates! You Don't pay if we don't deliver!

Non-Profit Company 501c3 Approved

gurantee: if we are unable to remove anything from your credit and fail to increase your credit scores through our credit coaching within 90 days.we will refund you the audit & coaching fee.

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