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frequently asked questions

Our average client is completed within a six-month period.

For the credit repair services, the client only pays after a negative item is removed from one of the credit agencies.
There initial cost of $250, which covers individual credit coaching, online portal access, online credit education center, credit analysis, weekly emails, credit coaching texts, and access to our consumer protection attorney if necessary.

If I need to rebuild my credit, will Credit Solution Programs assist me?
Yes, we will not only tell you how to rebuild the credit but give you the resources to be able to do so.


Yes! If we are unable to remove anything within the first 90 days, we will give a 100% refund of the coaching & audit fee.

No. We do not accept those with only defaulted credit cards, just wanting inquiries or late payments removed, and/or with only defaulted federal student loans or a combination thereof.

We challenge the number of accounts on a case-by-case basis.

We cannot advise our clients not to pay their debts since we are not certified financial advisors.


If an account reappears that CSP had removed, CSP will attempt to remove it at no additional cost. If unsuccessful within 45 days, CSP will refund the client what was paid for the removal.

Yes, if an account is unverifiable, outdated, or there are state or federal consumer violations.

CSP was officially opened in April 2019. Prior to CSP, the found of CSP owned a for-profit credit service company since 2007, which was dissolved when CSP was established.

We are not a law firm but do work with Consumer Protection Attorneys & Real Estate Attorneys.

Yes, we are a nonprofit organization under IRS tax code 501©3, a member of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO), a disable veteran-owned small business registered with the Veteran Administration, and have good reviews on multiple review sites.

Yes, but only on a case-by-case. We are not a debt settlement or debt consolidation organization.

No. Just because a defaulted account is removed from the credit, it does not mean the debt is forgiven.

CSP will stop working on the credit until the invoice is paid in full.

Yes, it is possible that CSP will send the account to collections.
If after 65 days the invoice is not paid and no payment arrangements have been made, CSP will send the account to a third-party collection company that will attempt to collect and report onto the client’s credit if unable to.

Yes, CSP will request for the third-party collection company to have the account removed.