About our Credit Repair

Our Purpose

Credit Solution Programs is dedicated to promoting credit education and counseling nationwide, with a primary focus on integrating personal credit education into public school curricula. Our mission encompasses advocating for life skills and transforming traditional educational approaches.

Through our efforts, we aim to bring about direct positive change in our communities, fostering economic development. By providing comprehensive credit education to our participants, we empower them to effectively manage their personal and business credit.

As a nonprofit organization, our sole purpose is to serve charitable, religious, educational, and scientific causes. This includes distributing resources to organizations that qualify as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or any corresponding section in future federal tax codes, as outlined in our Articles of Incorporation.

Our Mission

Credit Solution Programs is a nonprofit credit education and counseling organization with a mission to have personal credit education taught in public schools around the country. They champion the cause for life skills and the cause of changing the traditional ways education is taught.

Our Vision

To develop and administer one on one mentoring and mentoring groups that educate deserving youth and their families on the importance of building positive personal credit.

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Board of directors

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Mary Rowland


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Vice President

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